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Ramada SPA



This is an opportunity to plunge into the world of SPA and give yourself a real pleasure.

For our guests access in SPA zone included in the price. Working time 9:00 - 21:00. Locaqtion: -1 floor.

For Ramada SPA visitors we are pleased to offer next areas:


Ramada SPA offers:


King-size jacuzzi

King-size jacuzzi with warm, not salt water.

The size of the bowl is 8.0 by 4.0 meters and a depth of 1.5 meters.

Standart jacuzzi

Water is heated to 28 degrees, Temperature in ourJacuzzi is 32 degrees. 
Hydro massage raises  tone of  your body ,allows you to recharge, and warm water in Jacuzzi helps to relax.

Finnish sauna

Thermo opens  pores of  yourskin and removes toxins from yourbody.

After regular visits to the sauna yourskin becomes elastic and healthy.

Turkish Hamam

Ourspecial climate with a temperature range from 30 to 45 degrees and  high humidity (up to 100%), which is tolerated by the body easily.


Salt room

Salt room is made of natural salt blocks.Your visittothe salt room iscomparable to the effectiveness of prolonged stay in the seaside resort. Positive changes in yourstate due to the active saturation of tissues with nutrients, accelerating metabolism and excretion of toxic compounds. Visiting the salt room strengthens yourimmune system andincreases its resistance to external negative factors.



Oriental Spa Suite

Special area for beauty treatments or massages.

The area is available for one or two guests together.

Lounge area

A common area to relax after or while waiting for the procedure.

Light music and pleasant lighting give you a serene rest or a pleasant conversation.

SPA treatments

To relieve fatigue and tension at we are offered a variety of SPA treatments that allow you to achieve complete physical and emotional relaxation.